Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bluedevil 2.1 released

I am happy to announce that new version of Bluedevil is out!

On 3rd December, I have released Bluedevil 2.0. It was a first stable release that supported Bluez 5 and it contained mainly crash fixes over 2.0-rc1. Unfortunately, there was also a big regression.
Libbluedevil was automatically enabling (power on) all adapters that have been found. However, this behavior was causing issues that even if the user disabled Bluetooth, it was enabled again after reboot. So the libbluedevil was adjusted not to automatically change powered state of any adapters. The problem is that Bluez is not enabling adapters at startup, so as a result, Bluetooth was now always disabled on startup.

In the new 2.1 release, powered state of all adapters is saved and restored in Bluedevil daemon. Another change is that the alias of adapter will be used in every place where name of adapter is displayed. It was always possible to change alias of adapter in KCM, but it wasn't actually used anywhere.

There is also one small improvement in kio_obexftp. It will show icons of storage types in root folder of obexftp filesystem. It should work correctly with Nokia (S40, Symbian) and Android (KitKat, Lollipop) devices. If you find any issue with the icons, please let me know.

Storage icons on Android phone

Bugs fixed in 2.1:
  • remember powered state of all adapters #337193
  • monolithic (Bluetooth icon) will now be correctly hidden in system tray when all adapters are powered off #341768
  • monolithic will now be removed from system tray when there are no adapters
  • action to send files over Bluetooth will now be shown only for file that can actually be sent (only local files)
  • PIN in pairing wizard will now be accepted only after clicking "Matches" button
  • kio_obexftp should now better handle errors and correctly reconnect after losing connection #321560
  • kio_bluetooth will not crash when trying to access invalid device

bluedevil: bluedevil-2.1.tar.xz
libbluedevil: libbluedevil-2.1.tar.xz