Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bluedevil 2.1.1 released

I am happy to announce a new Bluedevil release.

This is mainly a bugfix release with two minor new features. The first one is a new page in a pairing wizard. Instead of closing the wizard when it finishes, a success page is now shown to the user to indicate device setup was completed.
The other addition is a new warning message in KCM. Instead of "No Bluetooth adapters have been found." you will now see "Your Bluetooth adapter is powered off." when you actually have a Bluetooth adapter, but it is powered off.

This is also a last release of kdelibs4 Bluedevil.

What's next?
Bluedevil is now released as part of Plasma 5.
If everything goes by the plan, there will be bigger changes for Plasma 5.3 release. Bluedevil will use a new BluezQt library instead of libbluedevil. As BluezQt offers a QML API, I have also been working on a new Bluetooth plasmoid. The plasmoid's code is based on a network management plasmoid. It will probably need some new icons, but otherwise I think it looks quite good.

Here are some screenshots:

Expanded device details with action buttons
Connected devices are displayed in own section

Bugs fixed in 2.1.1:
  • don't try to infinitely kill monolithic when it fails #343682
  • fix directly opening files from obexftp (eg. images in gwenview)
  • fix one crash in kded module #342581
  • fix obexftp browse files on old S60 devices #342259

bluedevil: bluedevil-2.1.1.tar.xz


  1. KDE Bluetooth settings don't affect the LED indicator on my Thinkpad T420. When I turn off bluetooth via the plasmoid the plasmoid goes away but LED indicator stays lit. Is that by design that bluetooth status doesn't affect LED indicator? Is it a bug? I am on Kubuntu 14.04 running KDE 4.13.3, bluez-4.101-0ubuntu13.1 and bluedevil-2.0~rc1really1.3.2-0ubuntu1.

    1. It's because you must block Bluetooth with rfkill on Thinkpads to turn off the LED. rfkill is not supported in Bluedevil because it requires root to block/unblock devices.

  2. hi, I have installed the bluedevil-framework that problem and I always bt off the restart, you know if ay solution, using plasma arch linux 5.2, thks

  3. So, R.I.P. bluedevil?
    What`s an awful idea to nail bluedevil to plasma?
    That means an impossibility of using bluedevil without kde. So, no integration of buetooth and dolphin, no kde-apps in non-kde environment in the nearest future. Great!
    Just answer please, why at 2003 developers of kde and gnome worked together to make nix desktop better?
    And why now, 12 years later, new developers work on fragmentation of linux and bsd desktops?
    You now, plasma-fans, Microsft and Apple should pay you for you tricks: noone can damage nix-desktops harder then you.

    1. It is only released with Plasma, you can still use Bluedevil without Plasma as you were able before.

      This change effectively only means that I don't have to manually make Bluedevil releases, but Plasma release manager will take care of it.

    2. Some apps are not fully functional without plasma, aren`t they?
      Bluedevil now cannot show it`s icon in non kde`s tray. And kde`s tray can not be used without plasma. There is no icons of bluetooth devices in dolphin. So, the only way to do smth. is to start systemsettings.
      The situation with kdeconnect, for example, is almost the same: you can not reach your mobile device with file manager, but some other functions are still usable.

    3. Well, Bluedevil provides a Bluetooth integration into Plasma (KDE) desktop. It always was a main focus of the project, so if it doesn't work in other DEs, that's not really an issue.

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