Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Falkon 3.0.0 released!

First release of Falkon is finally out!

Falkon is a new KDE web browser, previously known as QupZilla. Following this release, there will only be one last final QupZilla release.

If you were previously using QupZilla, you can manually migrate your profiles to Falkon by moving the config directory (usually in ~/.config/qupzilla/).
There is no automatic migration.

Apart from some under the hood changes, like changing build system from qmake to CMake or using XDG paths, there aren't many differencies from QupZilla.
There is a new extension - Vertical Tabs, but it will also be available later this week in last QupZilla release.

It is possible to write Falkon extensions in Python, but since the bindings are generated using PySide2 which is not yet released and thus not packaged by distributions, it won't be currently available for users.

Windows and macOS support is not yet finished, it will be available later.

Download: falkon-3.0.0.tar.xz (sig signed with EBC3FC294452C6D8)


  1. So happy to hear this, David! Congratulations on your success. I love Falkon and look forward to using it from Kubuntu packages rather than a PPA. <3

  2. Thanks for alle the hard work and a really nice browser. It (qupzilla that is for now) replaced firefox on my machines.

  3. Can we get Appimage build like for QupZilla?

    1. I agree. Would be great to have appimage or flatpak.

    2. There's already a flatpak in the kdeapps repository, but sadly it doesn't work too well. Also there is a snap.

    3. Sorry, Im not interested snap or flatpak. My distro not support it. But thanks for Appimage we can launch any app on any distro. We can install it or just use as portbale version without installation. I think this is amazing idea. Worth to add QupZilla have appimage build, so I hope Falkon gets it also.

  4. Keep up good work David !

  5. Thank you so much, enjoying Falkon 3.0 in my manjaro kde desktop in 3 laptops already- greetings from Chile. Cheers

  6. Nice. Already using falkon from git for several days and now I can use the stable version.

  7. Hi@all,

    thank you for the browser. I like it!

    Is it planned for the future to implement password- and/or bookmark syncronisation?

    with best

  8. I remember discussing this at Akademy, very cool to see that it has actually happened! <3

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I just wanted to let you know that disabling AdBlock improved performance and memory usage a lot in my humble Intel Atom N455 netbook (ads can still be avoided through /etc/hosts). This plugin used to always be enabled in the last version of Qupzilla, so my experence with Falkon has been awesome from the very beginning. Thanks a lot for your hard work on this.

    1. Yup, Adblock sucks. Adblock Origin should be the sensible solution here. Otherwise I see a bright future for Falkon!

  11. Build fails:
    CMake Warning at CMakeLists.txt:9 (find_package):
    Could not find a configuration file for package "ECM" that is compatible
    with requested version "5.27.0".

    The following configuration files were considered but not accepted:

    /usr/share/ECM/cmake/ECMConfig.cmake, version: 5.18.0

    * ECM (required version >= 5.27.0) , Extra CMake Modules. ,

    CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-3.5/Modules/FeatureSummary.cmake:556 (message):
    feature_summary() Error: REQUIRED package(s) are missing, aborting CMake
    Call Stack (most recent call first):
    CMakeLists.txt:11 (feature_summary)

    -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
    See also "/opt/falkon-3.0.0/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log".

    1. You have ECM (extra cmake modules) 5.18, and Falkon needs 5.27. Please update.
      /usr/share/ECM/cmake/ECMConfig.cmake, version: 5.18.0
      * ECM (required version >= 5.27.0

  12. I guess in a few month's time when the new Ubuntu stable comes out..?

  13. Already packaged in OpenMandriva Cooker.
    OpenMandriva users simply "urpmi falkon".

  14. Thanks for renaming the browser. Now all my passwords are gone. Great job

  15. David...would you please check out uBlock Origin at (https://www.ublock.org/)? It is much faster than AdBlock and would a fantastic improvment to Falkon! It would make Falkon even lighter and faster! I have been using it on Firefox for the few years and it IS faster and still performs it's primary function of blocking those f**king ads! It would also help magiblot with his problem mentioned above. Thank You!

    1. I second this. I prefer to use UBlock Origin. I'd also like to see Ghostery and No Coin (Or equivalent) allong with "HTTPS-Everywhere". Nice browser, though!!!

  16. I can't understand: what about win users?

  17. Will you continue to support windows?

  18. It seems that Windows installers are avaiable at https://github.com/srazi/Falkon-Release/releases
    Check https://www.falkon.org/download/

  19. Very nice browser--thanks for your hard work. One suggestion: It would be nice to have an option to create a new bookmark folder in the "add a new bookmark" dialog box.

  20. cmake compilation requires Qt5WebEngineWidgets - do you think you could add a FAQ or so to compilation of falkon? I assume I need to enable some web-related stuff when compiling qt but it would be useful if some short document or FAQ could mention this - I appreicate it.

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  22. One more vote for Ublock Origin! It would be much better

  23. Falkon is a very good, lightweight, privacy-focused browser. Congratulations & thanks to all involved. When I disable the Java script option, it loads almost as fast as Dillo, which I used until now for quick consultations. Does Falkon have an equivalent to Firefox's about:config to 'manually' refine options?

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